What Schools Across America are Saying about CFS

“We are proud to have regained the National Record raising $58,295 at our Mattress Fundraiser! This was our 5th annual sale and it has become a reliable avenue for over sixteen organizations on our campus to help finance their various needs. We take comfort knowing that the community who supported our Mattress Fundraiser is receiving a high-quality product at an unbelievable price!”

Jamie Andrews, East Ascension High School, Louisiana

CFS has Raised Over $60 Million
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Strongsville High School

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to do everything…we’ve made over $50,000 in this one fundraiser alone! It’s a little more of a “fun”-raiser than it is just schlepping candy up and down the streets.

Dave Harbart, Band Director, Strongsville High School, Ohio

Westerville North Basketball for $5,600

Westerville North High School

I have been coaching for 8 years and the one aspect of the job I dread the most is fundraising. Throughout the years we have tried it all …then I heard about CFS and the “Mattress Fundraiser” from a colleague and thought, “why not, I’ll give it a shot.” I know selling mattresses sounds a bit bizarre (and it is) but it works! The time commitment from players, coaches, and families is mini-mal and the results are impressive and I cannot stress enough the simplicity of the events. I would highly recommend running this fundraiser to support your group!

Sean Ring, Head Baseball Coach, Westerville North High School, Ohio

Students Holding Signs for the Mattress Fundraiser

Loch Raven High School

Our experience with CFS was absolutely stellar and I highly recommend other schools participate in the activity. The idea of selling mattresses is indeed, a strange one at first. We took a risk at Loch Raven High School that not only paid off financially, but that also helped us to gain strength as an organization. We are incredibly grateful for his commitment to us. After a successful event, we are looking forward to a continued relationship with this company

Brian Welker, Music Dept Chair, Loch Raven High School, Maryland

Bay Check for $10,000

Bay High School

Every year we run the Mattress Fundraiser I think, ‘This is the year no one is going to come!’ This year we had our first sale 12 minutes after we opened the doors. The Bay High Men’s and Women’s Soccer Teams just finished our 10th annual Mattress Fundraiser and raised $10,000! We are the envy of every athletic program because of our ability to be financially self-sufficient, which is all due to Custom Fundraising Solutions, AKA, The Mattress Fundraiser! If you’re on the fence about hosting an event, you need to take my word for it – or sell 10,000.00 candy bars – it’s your call

Bobby Dougherty, Soccer Coach, Bay High School, Ohio

Alenxander Bands Check for $6,800

Alexander High School

Our school is located in a rural community in southeastern Ohio just outside of Athens. Our band program consists of between 100 to 120 students total depending of the year. The district is very supportive of the program and provides us with funding for music, instruments, and repairs of school-owned instruments. We are very fortunate in this regard. However, we do have to fund any other expenses outside of these, so it is necessary for us to do a few fundraisers per year. When I first heard about the idea of a mattress sale, I thought it was strange quite frankly. It was just so different from any of the other fundraisers we’ve done. It was much less work for us than we normally had to do for a fundraiser. I had very few things to take care of. We worked hard as a band organization to get as many people through the door as possible. The referral system and incentives that are set up for the students really excited them and made them want to get people to come to the sale. On the day of the sale, there was not very much for us to do. I had several students come to play instruments, hold up signs, and be around the sale. I thought this was great because the people that were coming to the sale wanted to see the students that they were supporting. I couldn’t believe we could make that much money for our program in one day with such little work for myself and the booster organization. Because we exceeded our goal by so much, we are now looking into buying an equipment trailer, something we thought we were going to have to wait a few years before we would have enough money in order to purchase it. I am definitely going to do this fundraiser again next year and would highly recommend it to anyone else looking to earn money for their organization.

Lindsay VanWinkle, Band Director – Alexander High School

What Communities Across America are Saying about The Mattress Fundraiser

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