Hoover Football Cheque for $20,000

What Schools Across America are Saying about CFS

“After our fifth year hosting the Mattress Fundraiser, our Hoover football team has made over $85,000. We do it every year because it’s a profitable event but it’s also the easiest fundraiser we’ve ever done. The bonus is that we actually have fun with this event.”

Josh Niblett, Football Coach, Hoover High School, Alabama

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Pius X High School

We MADE $8500 with only 26 students participating and Austin Kesterson is an awesome leader. His crew, staff and professionalism through the whole process was amazing. We will definitely do it again! Austin is up front with everything and it is really the easiest fundraiser I’ve done in 17 years of teaching and the most profitable.

Todd Krier, Pius X Choir, Lincoln, NE

Allen Eagle Escadrille Band

We had a great run with our mattress sale raising over $26,000 in one day! We relied heavily on social media and took it to a new level. The Allen community really supported us. Thank you CFS for making it happen!

Blane Hinton, Director of the Allen Eagle Escadrille, Texas

Wahoo High School

We’ve been on our brand new king bed for a little over a week and I’ve been really pleased. I would also recommend the process of purchasing a new mattress through a CFS fundraiser to anyone. Thanks for supporting our music department!

Wahoo Warriors Mattress Fundraiser, Wahoo, NE

Midland High School

The CFS Mattress Fundraiser is the most successful and easiest fundraiser in which I have ever been involved.

Sonja Minguez, Yearbook Sponsor — Midland High School

Anderson High School

We were excited about the idea of a fundraiser that didn’t require kids to sell anything and didn’t make neighbors, friends, and family feel obligated to buy something they didn’t need. I know we’ve all bought our fair share of wrapping paper, gift cards, candy, etc… to help the school — but we liked that with mattresses, you either need one or you don’t. So with this fundraiser, the people who were in the market were the ones looking, and it brought people in from the community, not just parents. We also liked that it didn’t require an army of volunteers like many fundraisers. Customer Fundraising Solutions made it so easy. We are so pleased with what we were able to accomplish in just one day. We ended up making much more than we expected!

Kim Barnes, Project Graduation Co-Chair – Anderson High School

Salado High School

This is the best fundraiser ever with these wonderful, professional folks of great integrity and a love for helping schools. Fellow directors, they have branches throughout Texas. I recommend them highly! I thought it was a crazy idea at first – now I think it is the smartest fundraiser in which I’ve ever participated. They do the work; you provide the venue–both of you make money. Your community gets to participate in a no-pressure/no guilt-buying fundraiser and have the opportunity to get something of high quality for a discounted price. Excellent experience. Message me if you need info. I will certainly do this again.

Jennifer Jonas, Theatre Director – Salado High School

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