Family enjoying their new mattress on a sunny day

A Little Bit About CFS

Custom Fundraising Solutions was founded in 2005 to provide schools and programs a creative approach to raising money by combining mattress sales and fundraising! Knowing that 1 in 10 people purchase a new mattress in the United States every year, and that the average home has 4 mattresses, the concept blossomed. Here’s why:

Great Value, at a Great Price

The Mattress Fundraiser provides a product people in the community actually need, at great value!

Raise Big Funds, Quickly

The Mattress Fundraiser raises substantial funds, in just one day, and costs your group nothing!

Your Time, Well Spent

The Mattress Fundraiser offers consistent results annually!

Check for $10,000 from Pinkerton Academy
Lutcher Cheer Check for $12,000
Norther Highschool, Check for $13,000
Perry High School and MS Bands, $10100 Check

Experience A New Way to Fundraise

Through our concept of “The Mattress Fundraiser,” Custom Fundraising Solutions quickly gained acceptance across the United States, to become a national leader in fundraising.  Upholding our commitment to Quality, Service and Value, CFS is now nearly 100 locations strong, and has raised over $40 million for local schools and organizations.

As CFS continues to grow, our goal is to raise $10 million every single year to help support our schools, the programs they offer while providing value to the communities that support them. 

Make your next fundraiser an instant success at no cost with Custom Fundraising Solutions. Contact us today to find out how!

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